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WiFi (IEEE 802.11abgn/ac), Zigbee, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth estándar, FHSS, etc:

  1. One sample with antenna connector (such as SMA) for conducted testing

  2. Technical specifications of the DUT and international test reports (if available)

  3. If necessary, additional Testing Hardware

  4. Testing Software and Instructions

Testing Software should be capable of:

  1. Perform a modulated continous transmission

  2. Select the transmission mode (modulation, speed, bandwidth and power level)

  3. Select the channel (low, mid, high)

  4. For Standard Bluetooth, option to set frequency hopping mode

Testing Sample Requirements

Proceso de Homologación de ENACOM

Under Resolution ENACOM 1063-E/2017, Teralab is recognized by ENACOM (ex AFTIC / CNC) to test products according to the following protocols:

Some of the technologies covered by the scope of these protocols are:

WiFi (IEEE 802.11abgn/ac)

Bluetooth Standard

Bluetooth Low Energy



Testing services for telecom/wireless products (ENACOM - ex CNC- homologations)

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